Painting, and playing with Beans!

Sorting beans
Painting cut foam board.

Cleaning up his mess.

Sun catchers.

The results.

Rice in a box!

I got the idea for this from another mommy on my birth board. She used a large under the bed type tupperware and made it into an indoor sandbox. I didn't have the space for that, so I just got some of these cheap little dollar tree boxes and filled one with rice and one with beans. :) He really liked the rice. Played with it for over TWO hours! It did make a mess, but our robot slave took care of that. ;)

Rainbow Cupcakes

Made some cheerful cupcakes today. I've been dying to do it, so I thought why not today?

Squid Dogs!

So I got this idea from a magazine and had to try it out. They used plain hot dogs, but I decided that knock wurst would be better! :) Grayson had a ton of fun helping out.

First cut up your hotdog...

Then poke dry spaghetti noodles through each of the pieces...

Toss into a boiling pot and cook till noodles are tender...

The finished product!!

Ginger Bread house

Friday we decided to finally make use of the gingerbread cookie dough we had in the freezer. True to typical Ashley style I didn't do the smart thing and measure or make patterns for my house. This ended badly when my roof didn't fit the house. :) So I improvised and made one with white chocolate instead. My house, not being up to code, fell in on one side, but I think it was still tasty.


The Verdict.

More felt madness


Strawberry and Chili Pepper

Lunch meat and mustard sandwich


Felt Pancakes

Here are a couple felt pancakes I made today. I was using my supply of felt up before buying more, so I didn't have any dark brown for the syrup, but they still came out ok I think. :)